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"Um... uh, what form is this?"
" ...well... if i had to guess, i'd say... all of them?"
― Sarah and Grace (El Goonish Shive)

The power to go into a mode made from all other modes. Ultimate version of Mode Switching.

Also Called

  • Meta Form/Mode/State
  • Omni Form/State


User can go into a mode or form made from any/all other forms/modes, allowing them to have all the advantages and powers of their other forms but with none of the weaknesses.




  • May be unable to fully control their power in this mode.
  • May drain energy/stamina to maintain.

Known Users

  • Ryu (Breath of Fire III); via Kaiser
  • Firebrand (Demons Crest); via Ultimate Gargoyle
  • Chronodia (Final Fantasy); via final/eighth form
  • Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)

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