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"I can decipher the entire world via numbers, and rule it."
― Minoru Shishio (Gun x Clover)

The power to manipulate reality on a numerical basis. Variation of Data Warping.

Also Called

  • Numerical Godhood
  • Transcendent Numerology


User can perceive reality as a numerical construct, isolate/analyse/calculate any variable composing it with a single glance, and modify them at will to achieve virtually any desired effect, numerical alterations being immediately reflected into the physical reality. In essence, they are number-based reality warpers able to decipher and rewrite any part of it.



  • Numerical perception and alteration may have a limited range and/or area of effect.
  • Repeatedly switching the numbers at a rapid pace may interfere with the process.


Known Users

  • Users of the Ir2 Equation (Chaos;Head)
  • Calculator Class (Final Fantasy Tactics)
  • Minoru Shishio (Gun x Clover); via Numerology
  • All-Formulas/The Lonesome Devil (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)

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