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"Fascinating. Pure energy, pure thought.. Totally in-corporeal. Not life as we know it at all."
― Spock describing the true form of the Organians (Star Trek)

Power to be a Non-Corporeal being.

Also Called

  • Ghostly Form
  • Incorporeal Form
  • Incorporeal/Non-Corporeal Physiology
  • Magical Form
  • Mystical Form
  • Paranormal Form
  • Spiritual Form


User is or can transform into a being with a non-corporeal "body", made out of gas, energy, spirit, etc., or even totally non-existent.




Known Users

  • Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (Naruto); form spiritual
  • Cid of the Lufane (Dissidia Final Fantasy)
  • Morganna (.Hack//Sign)
  • God (Religion); form infinite
  • Groveck Marcus (Vampire Hunter D); form gaseous
  • Spirits (Religion/Mythology); form spiritual
  • Q (Star Trek); form spiritual
  • Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom); form spiritual
  • Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius (Danny Phantom); form spiritual
  • All ghosts (Danny Phantom); form spiritual
  • Midnight Entity (Doctor Who)
  • Ghostfreak (Ben 10); form spiritual
  • Ectonurites (Ben 10); form spiritual
  • Big Chill (Ben 10); form spiritual
  • Ultimate Big Chill (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien); form spiritual
  • Necrofriggens (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien); form spiritual
  • Ra'ad (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien); form energy
  • Amperi (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien); form energy
  • Amphibian (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien); form energy
  • Sally Malik (Being Human)
  • Annie Sawyer (Being Human)
  • Goddess of Destiny (Brave Story)
  • Ghost Widow (City of Heroes)
  • Peeves (Harry Potter); form spiritual
  • Voldemort (Harry Potter); form spiritual
  • The Twins (Matrix Reloaded); form spiritual-digital
  • Shaher (Shakugan No Shana); No physical form
  • Boo (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Mario (Super Mario Galaxy); when using boo mushroom
  • Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy); when using boo mushroom
  • Southern Oracle/Uyulala (The Neverending Story); form sound
  • Brook (One Piece)
  • Wuya (Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Ghost-type Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Bottles (Banjo-Kazooie)
  • Nox Decious (Stupid Mario Brothers)
  • Giygas (EarthBound)
  • Susan Sto Helit (Discworld); while she's acting as Death
  • Alien X/Celestialsapiens (Ben 10 series); cosmic/universal form
  • Kiraishou (Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen)
  • Ghosts (Folklore)
  • Gentle Pull (Super Mario Galaxy)
  • Ghosts (Supernatural)
  • Demons (Supernatural)
  • Angels (Supernatural)
  • Lucifer (DC/Vertigo Comics); form Will
  • Servants (TYPE-MOON)
  • Oedon (Bloodborne)
  • Jyoka (Houshin Engi)
  • God Hand (Berserk)
  • Phantom Bison (Street Fighter)

Known Objects

  • Bubble Brains (Xiaolin Chronicles)
  • Boo Mushroom (Super Mario Galaxy)


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