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Power to use the abilities of Noble Elf. Variation of Elven Physiology.


User with this ability either is or can transform into a Noble Elf, a subrace of elves that are born from Modern, and Mythic Elves. In the Elven community these types of elves would be considered their form of Demigods. This is because they are born as the offspring of a Modern Elf, a near mortal form of elf, and a Mythic Elf, an elven being with power that is considered nearly transcendent. This stated, members of this subrace will be more powerful than most of the elven subraces, even the High elves.



Wielders may possess extra abilities if Modern Elven parent is a member of a unique subraace. This is because the inherited abilities of said elf combined with the inherited power of their Mythic parent, the hybrid's inherited connection with Nature will be stronger than those of normal elves.

Known UsersEdit

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