The power to use the abilities of a Ningen. Variation of Cryptic Physiology.

Also Called

  • Ningen Mimicry


User with this ability either is or can transform into a Ningen (人間, "Ningen", "human"), a strange humanoid sea creature spotted multiple times by Japanese research teams expediting the Antarctic.

Over the past few years, rumors have circulated in Japan about the existence of humanoid life-Forms inhabiting the icy waters of the Antarctic. Reportedly observed on multiple occasions by crew members of government-operated "whale research" ships, these so-called "Ningen" are completely white in color with an estimated length of 20 to 30 meters. Eyewitnesses describe them having a human-like shape, often with legs, arms, and even five-fingered hands. Sometimes they are described as having fins or a large mermaid-like tail instead of legs, or even tentacles. The only visible facial features are the eyes and mouth. According to one account, crew members on deck observed what they initially thought was a foreign submarine in the distance. When they approached, however, it became clear from the irregular shape of the thing that it was not man-made--it was alive. The creature quickly disappeared underwater.




  • May only be able to thrive and survive in arctic climates.

Known Users

See Also: Ningen.

  • Ningen (Ningen)
  • Ningen (Pathfinder)