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The power to be a negative being. 


This power grants the user the ability to become the opposite of another being, either literally or metaphorically. What it means to be the opposite of someone could take a number of different forms. And, it does not mean they are the opposite in every way though they can be.

  1. A negative being could just have the opposite powers as the being it is copying; as in the negative form of somone with fire manipulation would have ice manipulation.
  2. A negative being could have the exact same powers but have the opposite personality. If the origional was very honest and straightforward the negative being would be deceptive and secretive. 
  3. The negative form could be good at what the origional was bad at and vice versa. They could be smarter but physically weaker. Or stronger but not as smart. 



  • The user must take the negative form of another being. 
  • The user might be able to choose who they "copy" at will or they could have one set person that they are the negative of. 

Known Users

  • Ybgir (Regular Show)
  • Negative Man (DC comics)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog); via Anarchy Beryl
  • Retep (Family Guy)

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