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The ability to become the personification of a nation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Country/Sovereign State/Realm/Kingdom/Republic
  • Country/Sovereign State/Realm/Kingdom/Nation/National/Republic Embodiment/Incarnate/Personification


Users become the living personification of a nation, country or any other location with an establishment of government



  • May be unable to leave their respective territory.
  • May die/lose their power should their country be divided or annihilated. 
  • May be enemies with other countries 

Known UsersEdit


  • Uncle Sam (American Folklore)
  • Columbia (American Folklore)
  • Johnny Reb (American Folklore)
  • Billy Yank (American Folklore)
  • Europa (European/Greek Mythology)
  • Hispania (Spanish Folklore)
  • Effigy of the Republic (Brazilian/Portuguese Folklore)
  • Bharat Mata (Indian Folklore)
  • Mother Russia (Russian Folklore)
  • Germania (German Folklore)
  • Roma (Roman Mythology)
  • John Bull (British Media)
  • Britannia (British Media)
  • Suomi-Neito (Finnish Folklore)


  • Nations (Hetalia)


  • Countries (Scandinavia and the World)
  • Countryballs (Polandball)


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