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The power to perform magical feats by using music. Variation of Art MagicMusic Manipulation and Sound Magic. Form of Magic.

Also Called

  • Musical Magic


The user is capable of using music to perform magical feats such as Spell Casting.




Known Users

See Also: Magic Music


  • Sartana of the Dead (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera)
  • Fairies of music (Winx Club)
    • Galatea
    • Musa
  • Melody Piper (Ever After High)
  • Scaramouch (Samurai Jack)
  • The Scotsman (Samurai Jack)


  • Users of Mystic Melody (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Coral the Betta
    • Amy Rose
    • Pearly the Manta Ray


  • Muses of Music (Barbie & The Diamond Castle)
  • Forte (Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas)
  • The Dazzling/Equestrian sirens (My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks)
  • Kubo (Kubo and the Two Strings)
  • Sariatu (Kubo and the Two Strings)

Live Action TV

  • Sweet (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


  • Troubadour (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Amalla Su (Love Hina)
  • Kaolla Su (Love Hina)
  • Mermaids (Mermaid Melody)
  • Muglox (Mirmo Zibang)
  • Sayaka Miki (Puella Magi Madoka)
  • Kanaria (Rozen Maiden)
  • Everyone (Violinist of Hameln)

Video Games

  • Reyvateils (Ar Tonelico)
  • Edward Chris Von Muir (Final Fantasy)
  • Demyx (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Karyl Sheeden (Tales of Destiny)
  • Seventh Fonists (Tales of the Abyss)

Known Objects

  • Goddess Harp (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Ocarina of Time (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Pollon (Ojamajo Doremi)
  • Apprentice Taps (Ojamajo Doremi)
  • Peter Pan's Pan-Pipes (Once Upon a Time)