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The ability to charge multiple attacks in one charging.

Also Called

  • Multi-Powered Attacks
  • Multiple Charged Attacks
  • Multiple Charged Attack Capacity


The user can charge multiple attacks in one charging. For example, the user could charge multiple charged shots one at a time as they charge with their energy, filling one shot each independently one after the other. When all are charged or some of them are charged, the user can then fire each charged shot independently without having to charge again for each one or fire all shots at once. In the case of charged close range attacks, the user can charge up, say, multiple, independent punches in one charging, and use each punch independently without having to charge them again.




  • May take a lot of time to charge the multiple attacks.
  • May use up a lot of energy.
  • Speed of charging may depend on the user's speed and power.

Known Users

  • Max (Tales of Eternia); via Elemental Master

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