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The power to control the laws of motion. Sub-power of Physics Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Motion Control
  • Movement Manipulation
  • Process Manipulation
  • Speed Control/Manipulation


The user can manipulate the action or process of movement/motion, the change in position of an object with respect to time typically in terms of velocity, acceleration, displacement, and time. They can slow down a person's senses, control the rate of tissue growth, alternate rhythmatic sequences, sense/disrupt/trigger parachronal displacements and alter the speeds a person can move at or alternate destination patterns.





Known Users

  • Magali (DC Comics)
  • Xolani (DC Comics)
  • Block (DC Comics)
  • The Top (DC Comics)
  • Eobard Thawne (DC Comics)
  • Jay Garrick (DC Comics)
  • Hunter Zolomon (DC Comics)
  • Daniel West (DC Comics)
  • Galileo (Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere); via Ptolemaic and Copernican theories
  • Myuu (Myuu and I)
  • Merlin (Nanatsu no Taizai)
  • Bynndi World (One Piece); via More More Fruit
  • Straight Cougar (S-Cry-Ed); via Radical Good Speed
  • Speed (Marvel Comics)
  • Pole Position (Valkyrie Crusade)


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