The power to imprison the consciousness of others in their own mind or the mind of oneself. Sub-power of Mental Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Mind Trap


The user can imprison the consciousness of other beings in their own minds or the mind of the user's, using any part of the mind as a prison such as their subconsciousness, consciousness, memory, or even their dreams. This power can cause them to fall into a coma or just awake but unable to use their bodies which can be vacant to possession.




  • Users of Psychic Shield are either immune or highly resistant.
  • May be permanent, even the user cannot undo the effects.

Known Users

  • Amon (StarCraft)
  • Matt Parkman (Heroes)
  • Cable (Marvel Comics)
  • David Haller/The White Witchdoctor (Marvel Comics)
  • Zeus (God of War)
  • Batman (Batman: Arkham Knight)