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The ability to shapeshift into something/someone with which it have some special bond.

Also Called

  • Metamorphic Bond
  • Shapeshifting Bond
  • Shapeshifting Link


The users usually share a physical, mental, or emotional bond with another being and are able to adopt their physical appearance.




  • Sometimes, especially when the link is between a human and an animal, only the first is able to shapeshift.
  • May be limited to only two beings.
  • If one of them dies, the other will be unable to use this power.

Known Users

  • Gods/Witches and Warlocks (Beauchamp Family Series)
    • Joanna Beauchamp
    • Ingrid Beauchamp
    • Freya Beauchamp
    • Freddie Beauchamp
    • Mardi Overbrook
    • Molly Overbrook
    • Jo Noble Beauchamp
    • Odin

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