Power to manipulate space of all realities. Absolute form of Spatial Manipulation. Variation of Boundary Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Spatial Manipulation
  • Gap Manipulation
  • Meta Spatial Manipulation
  • Spatial Boundary Manipulation


The user can manipulate space of any and all realities and dimensions, whether they are physical spatial locations — such as the fourth dimension, another timeline, heaven or hell — or metaphysical spaces — such as into a dream realm, into a painting, or even between fantasy and reality.

This power also allows the user to control metaphysical realms, exampled by causing the space inside a painting world to expand or distort; teleporting anything from a dream or fantasy to reality and vice-versa; and creating tears and portals within the boundaries of space to interconnect multiple spaces together. By manipulating and removing the boundaries between metaphysical spaces, one can essentially undermine the fabrics of reality.

With this power in mind, the user can create spatial effects that can even affect incorporeal and metaphysical life forms who are normally at an alternate plane of existence, such as dream sprites, ghosts, and deities.



  • Amalgamation: Merging matter with another by overlapping the two objects' spaces, causing a telefrag effect.
  • Isolation: Creating spatial barriers to completely isolate a target space from the rest.
  • Spatial Crush: Crush objects by increasing space around a target.
  • Spatial Destruction: Erase space of a target to delete them from existence.
  • Spatial Distortion: Causing distortions in space of any realm.
  • Spatial Mimicry
  • Spatial Rift: Tear open space to create portals into a void that can connect to any other space.
  • Spatial Slicing: User attacks by tearing out a section of space to sever the spatial connection of the target.
  • Spatial Tuning: Distort and warp space in a specific area for various effects, even potentially alter reality.
  • Spatiokinetic Combat
  • Warp Bubble: User creates a small warp around themselves which is only marginally connected to the rest of the space around it.



  • Cannot affect users of Spatial-Temporal Lock or Omnilock.
  • User cannot manipulate the flow of time within space, unless they also possess Time Manipulation as a separate power.
  • Removing the boundaries between metaphysical spaces may cause the worlds to intersect with unwanted results.

Known Users


Video Games

Tabletop Games

  • Lord Ao (Forgotten Realms)