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"You have no idea how much I can hurt you, human. Do not test my patience."
― Bernkastel
The ability to manipulate all forms of probability on all levels. Perfect version of Probability Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Probability Manipulation
  • Perfect Tychokinesis
  • Quantum Probability Manipulation


User can manipulate all kinds of probabilities, of all nature and scale, increasing the possibilities exponentially, including the quantum level, which fluctuations underlay everything in material universes, and the metaphysical level, which is essentially the quantum equivalent in non-material realms.

This allows users to achieve virtually any effect, as long as it isn't absolutely out of the realm of probabilities.







  • Cannot induce results that are absolutely impossible.
  • Because they can manipulate their own probability, users of Personal Probability Manipulation are highly resistant.
  • Abusing the power makes any outcome meaningless.

Known Users

Known Objects

Gallery (Users)

Gallery (Levels)

Alternate Realities

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