The power to reflect any/all powers against users. Sub-power of Meta Power Manipulation. Ultimate version of Power Reflection.

Also Called

  • Absolute Attack/Power Rebound/Reflection/Reversal
  • Meta Attack/Power Rebound/Reversal
  • Omni Attack/Power Rebound/Reflection/Reversal


User can reflect all powers that are used against them without being harmed regardless of their nature or level of power, including absolute powers, conceptual powers, nonexistence and total destruction (unless the source of the reflection is targeted), and/or even omnipresential/totality attacks. This serves as a unbeatable form of self-defense and counter attack. Allowing the user to reflect every power that is projected by their target and turn it back against them.




Known Users

  • Scalamagdrion (AD&D)
    • Ningulfim
  • Users of Physical Mirror (Forgotten Realms)
  • Naofumi Iwatani (Rising of the Shield Hero)

Known Objects

  • Doomgiver (Book of Swords)

Known Powers

  • Physical Mirror (Forgotten Realms)