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The power to rule over a mental realm. Variation of Personal Domain.

Also CalledEdit

  • Consciousness Lordship
  • Mindscape Lordship
  • Psychoterrain Lordship


The user has authority and power within a realm within their own mind or within the collective unconscious. The exact physical appearance and properties depends on the user desires or the memories, qualities and mental state of the individual.




  • May not have complete control over their own personal demons, placing themselves in danger against them.
  • While powerful within their own mind, the user is extremely vulnerable to tampering of their mental state.
  • Users of Transcendent Consciousness and Unimind may be to powerful to dominate.

Known UsersEdit


  • Demonic Carl Stargher (The Cell)


  • Batman (The Batman); in his own mind
  • Joker (The Batman); in his own mind
  • Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls); over the mental-scape


  • Quentin Quire (Marvel); in his psychic construct

Video Games

  • Ruvik (The Evil Within); in the STEM mind-scape
  • Alice Liddell (American McGee's Alice); in Wonderland
  • Coach Morceau "Morry" Oleander (Psychonauts); in his own mind/"Basic Braining"
  • Sasha Nein (Psychonauts); in his own mind/"Sasha's Shooting Gallery"
  • Milla Vodello (Psychonauts); in her own mind/"Milla's Dance Party"


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