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The power to manipulate mental disorders. Sub-power of Mental Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Abnormal Psychology Manipulation
  • Mental Illness Manipulation


The user can induce, remove, and manipulate mental disorders, including mood, anxiety, eating, impulse/addiction, personality, dissociation, sexual/gender and behavioral disorders. They can change the intensity of the disorder, forcing someone to experience the disorder so intensely that they can hardly function and have someone experience the disorder mildly where it's hardly a problem in their life.





  • May only be able to manipulate certain types of disorders.
  • May only be able to manipulate only a few amount of people at a time.
  • Does not work on mindless beings.
  • Manipulations may not be permanent.
  • May need to be in a certain range for the user's powers to work.
  • Users of Psychic Shield are either immune or highly resistant.

Known Users

  • Delirium of the Endless (DC/Vertigo Comics)
  • The Corinthian I (DC/Vertigo Comics)

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