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The power to read a target's memories. Sub-power of Telepathy and Memory Manipulation.


The user can read the target's memory to learn their history, discover lost memories and help the person remember, learn a memory that the target is unaware of, but could be useful. etc.



  • May require physical contact with the target.
  • The user cannot read someone's mind, just their memory.
  • Psychic Shield can block this power.

Known Users



  • Professor Kang (Magic to Win)
  • Macy Cheng (Magic to Win)
  • Vampires and Lycans (Underworld franchise), via Blood Consumption
  • Vampires (Queen of the Damned); via Blood Consumption
    • Lestat
    • Marius
    • Akasha
    • Jesse


  • Agnes Walker (Alphas)
  • Mitchell Morgan (Alphas)
  • Litvack (Charmed); via Visual Mind Reading
  • Frederick Beauchamp (Witches of East End)
  • Abaddon (Supernatural); via Partial Possession
  • Matt Parkman (Heroes)
  • Alphas (Teen Wolf)


  • Professor X (Marvel Comics); via Telepathy
  • Miss Martian (DC Comics)


  • Hana Mutou (Captain Earth)
  • Planetary Gears (Captain Earth)
  • Noa Takigawa (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches); via kiss
  • Pakunoda (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Viola (One Piece), via Giro Giro no Mi
  • Alucard (Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate); via blood consumption
  • Anyone bitten by a vampire (Black Blood Brothers)
  • Gowther (Nanatsu No Taizai)

Video Games

  • Javik (Mass Effect)
  • Kishibe Rohan (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure); via Heaven's Door
  • Delsin Rowe (InFamous Second Son); can only use this on other Conduits
  • Protagonists (God Eater Burst and God Eater 2)

Known Objects

  • The Memory Scanner (Meet The Robinsons)


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