"There are scary memories and sad pasts that people want to forget, right?"
― Charlotte Pudding (One Piece)

The power to erase memories. Sub-power of Memory Manipulation. Opposite to Memory Restoration.

Also Called

  • Amnesia
  • Amnesia Inducement
  • Memory Wiping
  • Mind Wipe


The user is able to erase the memories of others, ranging from a certain memory or erase a person's entire memory/personality.




  • Users of Psychic Shield (highly resistant) and Psychic Immunity (impervious).
  • Memory Restoration and/or Mental Healing can restore erased memories.
  • Effects may be temporary.
  • May need to make physical contact.
  • Certain strong emotions/events may trigger the return of lost memory.
  • Total memory annihilation could be accidental.
  • May leave gaps/inconsistensies in the victim's memory, allowing them to realize that their memories have been altered.

Known Users

  • Orion (Amnesia)
  • Mest Gryder (Fairy Tail)
  • Calvin Dion Avericci (Archie's Weird Mysteries)
  • Cole (Dragon Age Inquisition)
  • Regula (Karakuri Dôji Ultimo)
  • Kuudo Hinokage (Medaka Box); via Unknown Hero
  • Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)
  • Grand Pabbie (Once Upon a Time)
  • Zelena/Wicked Witch of the West (Once Upon a Time)
  • Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time)
  • Ingrid (Once Upon a Time)
  • Nanami Tomitsu (Gokukoku No Brynhildr)
  • René/The Haitian (Heroes)
  • Silcardo Jenazard (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi)
  • Wizards and Witches (Harry Potter); via the Obliviate Spell
  • Swooping Evil (Harry Potter); via his poison
  • Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Naminé (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Kevin Grady (Smallville)
  • Wizards (Wizards of Waverly Place); via Spell Casting
  • Wipers (Push)
  • Zatanna (DC Comics)
  • The Silence (Doctor Who)
  • The Doctor (Doctor Who)
  • Charles Xavier/Professor X (Marvel Comics)
  • Emma Frost (Marvel Comics)
  • The Stepford Cuckoos (Marvel Comics)
  • Rachel Summers (Marvel Comics)
  • Nathan Summers/Cable (Marvel Comics)
  • Quentin Quire/Kid Omega (Marvel Comics)
  • Martian Manhunter (DC Comics)
  • Miss Martian (DC Comics)
  • Vampires (Vampire Knight)
  • Derek Lakes (Shadow Falls)
  • Panda (Skunk Fu); via Forgetful Fist
  • Devil Beetles (Sky Wizards Academy)
  • Snark (The Troop)
  • Galian (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Snow (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Zofis (Zatch Bell!)
  • Zeno Bell (Zatch Bell!)
  • Wiseman (Zatch Bell!)
  • Experiment 303 "Amnesio" (Lilo and Stitch)
  • Slowpoke and Slowbro (Pokémon)
  • Mewtwo (Pokémon)
  • Uxie (Pokémon); via eyesight
  • Xion (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Nibbler (Futurama)
  • Yota (Naruto)
  • Mannish Boy (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part III Stardust Crusaders) via Death 13
  • Diavolo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V Vento Aureo); via King Crimson
  • Enticco Pucci (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 6: Stone Ocean); via Whitesnake
  • Miuccia Miuller (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 6: Stone Ocean); via Jail House Lock
  • Gowther (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Jace Beleren (Magic: the Gathering)
  • Castiel (Supernatural)
  • Valeria (Ángel o Demonio)
  • Angels (Ángel o Demonio)
  • Rika Saionji (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)
  • Tiffania Westwood (Zero No Tsukaima)
  • Lena Duchannes (Beautiful Creatures)
  • Imp (Worm)
  • Asmodeus (Shadowhunter Chronicles)
  • Magnus Bane (Shadowhunter Chronicles)
  • Catarina Loss (Shadowhunter Chronicles)
  • Penny Halliwell (Charmed)
  • Princess Ivy (Sofia the First); via dragonflies
  • Maedomori (Charlotte)
  • Maddie Van Pelt (Every Witch Way); via Spell Casting
  • Po (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness)
  • Scatterbrain (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Signal Org (Power Rangers Wild Force)
  • Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Charles zi Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin (Strike Witches/Brave Witches)
  • Shokuhou Misaki (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)
  • The Grey Gentlemen (Momo)
  • Charlotte Pudding (One Piece)

Known Objects

  • Amnesiacs (SCP Foundation)
  • Wushan Geyser (Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Neuralyzer (Men in Black)
  • Amnesulet (Yin Yang Yo)
  • Zoisite's Music Box (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)
  • Memory Wipers (Fairly Odd Parents)
  • Memory Dust (Charmed)
  • Ghost ÄRM, Hydra (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Dark Curse (Once Upon a Time)
  • Rock Troll Stones (Once Upon a Time)
  • Memory Erasing Gun (Gravity Falls)
  • Irrigo light (Fallen London/Sunless Sea)
  • AURYN (The Neverending Story); limited to affecting humans
  • Amnesia Dust (Tooth Fairy 2010 film)
  • Staffs of Erasing (Bionicle)
  • Decommissioning Chamber (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  • Amnesia-inator (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Blue Rose of Forgetfulness (Aladdin TV series - Forget Me Lots)
  • Forgotten Stick (Doraemon)
  • Amnesia Wind (Wind Named Amnesia)
  • Element 115/Divinium (Call of Duty: Black Ops series)
  • Memory Stone (My Little Pony Equestria Girls)
  • Memory Cutting (Denma)

Known Power

  • Authority of Gluttony (Re:Zero)



Men In Black 3 "Look Right Here" Movie Clip

Men In Black 3 "Look Right Here" Movie Clip