The power to create beings of mechanics/technology or shape it into certain shapes. Sub-power of Technology Manipulation. Variation of Entity Creation.

Also Called

  • Mechanical Entity Creation
  • Technological Creature Creation


User is able to create beings of mechanics/technology or shape existing technology into wanted shapes and purposes. They can grant the beings varying levels of independence (controlled, automatons/programmed, semi-independent) and existence (momentary to permanent) and delete the creature once they are done with them.




  • May have limit for how independent the created beings can be.
  • May have a limit for how long the created beings exist.
  • May be unable to create technology, being limited to shaping from already existing sources.

Known Users

  • Smithy (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)
  • Children of Hephaestus/Vulcan (Percy Jackson series)
    • Charles Beckendorf (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
    • Leo Valdez (Heroes of Olympus)
  • The Dark Heart (Justice League Unlimited)