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"Chicks dig giant robots"
― Jamie (Megas XLR)

The ability to have extraordinary skill in piloting mechs/mecha/giant robots.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Mech Pilot Skill
  • Giant Robot Pilot Proficiency
  • Super Robot Pilot


The user has formidable skill in piloting mechs (giant robots) and are able to use the amazing arsenal at hand from either at a distance using a remote or a cockpit inside the machine.

Depending on the type of robot being controlled, the weapons, abilities, and equipment varies. In some cases the robot's power may be connected to the user.




  • User may be at a disadvantage outside of mech.
  • Mech may be sentient and may disagree with pilot.
  • User's fighting abilities may be limited based on any damage the mech sustains during battle.
  • User can unintentionally cause collateral damage which may subject them to criticism.

Known Mech Pilots

  • D. Va (Overwatch)
  • Koala (Rave Master)
  • Coop (Mega XLR)
  • Kiva (Megas XLR)
  • Glorft (Megas XLR)
  • Evil Coop (Megas XLR)
  • Evil Kiva (Megas XLR)
  • Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Dexter (Dexter's Labratory)
  • Mandark (Dexter's Labratory)
  • Dee Dee (Dexter's Labratory)
  • Power Rangers (Power Rangers franchise)
  • Super Sentai Rangers (Super Sentai franchise); excluding the Gorenger and J.A.K.Q. teams
  • Various Power Rangers and Super Sentai Villains (Power Rangers and Super Sentai)
  • Gundam Pilots and other Mobile Suit pilots (Gundam series)
  • Ilana, Lance, and Octus (Sym-Bionic Titan)
  • Tron Bonne (Megaman Legends)
  • Heloise (Jimmy-Two Shoes)
  • Voltron Force (Voltron: Defender of the Universe)
  • Team Rocket (Pokemon anime)
  • Pilaf Gang (Dragon Ball)
  • Kallen (Code Geass)
  • Sazaku (Code Geass)
  • Simon (Gurren Lagann)
  • Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
  • Viral (Gurren Lagann)
  • Faust (Fairy Tail)
  • Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Dr. Wily (Mega Man)
  • X (Mega Man X)
  • Zero (Mega Man X)
  • Axl (Mega Man X)
  • Vile (Mega Man X)
  • Vanishing Gungaroo (Mega Man X7)
  • Phineas Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Ferb Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb)
  • KND Operatives (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  • Gaz (Invader Zim)
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!)
  • Roger Smith (Big O)
  • Shotaro Kaneda (Tetsujin 28-go)
  • Ryoma Nagare (Getter Robo)
  • Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Toji Suzuhara (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Mari Illustrious Makinami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Seina Yamada (Tenchi Muyo GXP)
  • Several Characters (Tengen Toopa Guren Lagan)
  • Several Characters (Super Robot Wars)
  • Franky (One Piece); post-timeskip
  • Usopp (One Piece); post-timeskip
  • Descole (Professor Layton series)
  • Kenshi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar)
  • Weiss (Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos)
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Ghor (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
  • Pan Pacific Defence Corps Rangers (Pacific Rim)
  • Haruto Tokishima (Kakumeiki Valvrave)
  • Saki Rukino (Kakumeiki Valvrave)
  • Kirby (Kirby: Planet Robobot)
  • Ernesti "Eru" Echevalier (Knights & Magic)
  • Hiroki Saitou (Knights of Sidonia)
  • Nagate Tanikaze (Knights of Sidonia)
  • Inaho Kaizuka (Aldnoah.Zero)
  • Dandy (Space Dandy)
  • Star Drivers (Star Driver)
  • DJ Octavio (Splatoon)

Known Mechs

  • Dynamo (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Dorma Anim (Fairy Tail)
  • Megas (Megas XLR)
  • Zords (Power Rangers franchise and two Super Sentai series)
  • Various named Sentai mecha (Super Sentai franchise)
  • Titan (Sym-Bionic Titan)
  • Gundams (Gundam series)
  • Variable Fighters (Compilation of Macross)
  • Super Robot (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!)
  • Big O (Big O)
  • The Spectre (Professor Layton series)
  • Testujin (Tetsujin 28-go)
  • Getter-1, Getter Dragon, and Shin Getter-1 (Getter Robo)
  • Evangelion Unit 01 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Unit 00 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Unit 02 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Unit 03 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Unit 04 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Unit 05 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Gunman (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
  • Iron Pirate Franky Shogun/Iron Pirate General Franky (One Piece)
  • Eggsterminator (Sonic X)
  • Phoenix-Buster armor (Marvel Comics); "Avengers vs. X-Men" event only
  • Voltron (Voltron)
  • Jaegers (Pacific Rim)
  • Mobile Suits (Gundam Series)
  • Knightmare Frames (Code Geass)
  • Gurren Lagann (Gurren Lagann)
  • Mechas (Godzilla)
  • God-Killer armor (Marvel Comics)
  • Various Robo Ride armors (Mega Man X series)
  • Little Aloha (Space Dandy)
  • Cybodies (Star Driver)
  • Idol (Tenchi Muyo! GXP)
  • The Octobot King (Splatoon)
  • Titan Suit (Jak II)
  • Ecto-Skeleton (Danny Phantom)


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