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The ability to fully use 100% of one's concentration. Not to be confused with Maximum Brain Capacity.

Also Called

  • 100% Concentration
  • Maximum Concentration
  • Peak Concentration Process


Users can use 100% of their concentration, allowing them to push their physical and/or mental capabilities to their maximum potential; obstacles become minor problems while objectives grow significantly easier to accomplish.




  • May have limited amount of time or drain stamina.
  • May have to be highly talented.
  • Must have unwavering passion and concentration.
  • May cause vulnerability to sudden or unexpected threats.


  • This ability is based on the concentration and focus that can be achieved in real life.

Known Users

  • Alice Fuji (Arachnid)
  • Zone Users (Kuroko no Basuke)
    • Taiga Kagami
    • Daiki Aomine
    • Atsushi Murasakibara
    • Seijuro Akashi
    • Kise Ryōta (manga only)
  • Bossun (Sket Dance)
  • Crowe Brust (Super Robot Wars Z)
  • Herculese Method Practitioners (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode)
  • Adam Thompson (Zapped); Formerly via the Zoey's app.


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