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The ability to graft, meld, mix, or fuse any type of matter together. Sub-power of Matter Manipulation. Variation of Elemental Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Matter Grafting/Mixing/Fusing


User can cause separate and distinct items to combine into one new item. Some can fuse multiple different elements to make a new one. Ability can extend to morphing and reshaping existing matter on physical contact.



  • May only be adept and connecting or linking, not necessarily to meld.
  • May be specific to a particular element (Combining Technology, or mixing Metals).
  • Limited to existing materials (law of equivalent exchange).
  • Cannot change chemical composition of matter, just rearrange orientation/placement/shape (physical composition).
  • Cannot mix matter from a distance.
  • Takes some before it can result to a kind of item the user would want.

Known Users

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