The ability to manipulate the blanket of sentient energy that is used to form magic. Sub-power of Magical Energy Manipulation. Combination of Life-Force Manipulation and Magic.

Also Called

  • Ethernano Manipulation (Fairy Tail)
  • Magical Life-Force Manipulation
  • Magoi Manipulation (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
  • Prana Manipulation
  • Sympathetic Energy Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate mana, the metaphysical sentient source of energy that surrounds living and non-living things, sympathetic magic, or impersonal force of nature that is always moving from one location to another, seeking material elements or people to inhabit. It is also formed within the soul whenever a creature comes into being. The soul is not necessarily a collection of mana, but the creature itself. When the being dies, the mana returns to the environment waiting to be used again and again. The energy can then be transmuted by the user into magical powers that yields upstanding results in both practice and combat.

Much like the ability of Life-Force Manipulation, the user is able to draw the energy from their surroundings. However, the ability of mana relies more on the use of different methods of magic such as spoken incantations and mystic items, like spell books, charms, talismans, weapons, etc. in order to achieve the effects that the user desires.


Offensive Mana

The user can use their mana reserve as a raw energy attacks.

Defensive Mana

The user can use their mana for defensive purposes.

Natural Mana

The user can utilize the mana of nature to govern elemental forces.

Enchanting Mana

The user can manifest mana with or around objects or beings in to provide intentional excess mana. The infusion is magically charged. It is temporary, but highly effective.

Healing Mana

Healing mana can be given to a being who has lost mana in order to repair physical and mental infliction.

Sensory Mana

Users are able to use their mana to enchant their senses in order or mystically connect to the mana of others or objects.



  • May take time to control.
  • May require objects of magic such as spell books, charms, amulets, runes, etc.
  • The sentient energy may be able to overwhelm the user and take over them.
  • Mana can drain the user and cause fatigue.
  • Mana is a power that one may need to study.
  • Control, discipline, and restraint are extremely important. Unconscious, emotion-influenced, impulsive, or reckless use of this power can be catastrophic.
  • Since users emotions affect the magic directly, control is essential.
  • Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.


  • Mana is a major concept in Polynesian cultures: it is a spiritual quality considered to have supernatural origin - a sacred impersonal force existing in the universe which gives those that posses it authority, power, and prestige. Similar concepts are also present in Hawaiian and Tahitian culture.
    • In the Gamera universe, mana is the ethereal energy source that connects all things, places, and people. It depends on the influence and authority one possesses over others. Given that Gamera is the guardian of the Earth, his mana is almost immeasurable.
  • In numerous fantasy rpg's Mana acts as the source of of the player's magical reserves.

Known Users

See Also: Mana.


  • Anodites (Ben 10 series)
    • Verdona
    • Gwen Tennyson
    • Sunny
  • Charmcaster (Ben 10 series)
  • Ultimate Kevin (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  • Duelists (Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters)
  • Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics)


  • Aram (Chain Chronicle)
  • Sai Akuto (Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao)
  • Mages (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
  • Users of Mana (League of Legends)
  • Dryad (Seiken Densetsu)
  • Users of Mana (Type-Moon)
  • Users of Mana (Black Clover)

Video Games

  • Witch Doctors (Diablo)
  • Warcraft Players (Warcraft)
  • Users of Mana (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
  • Users of Mana (Id-The Greatest Fusion Fantasy)
  • Gamera (Gamera 2: Advent of Legion)
  • Users of Kaijudo (Kaijudo Rise of the Duel Masters)
  • Mages (Fate franchise)
  • Players (Log Horizon)


  • Cards (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Jace Beleren (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Ajani Goldmane (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Nicol Bolas (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Chandra Nalaar (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Elspeth Tirel (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Garruk Wildspeaker (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Gidion Jura (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Karn (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Kiora Atua (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Koth (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Liliana Vess (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Sorin Markov (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Nissa Revane (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Ral Zarek (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Sarkhan Vol (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Tamiyo (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Tezzeret (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Tibalt (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Venser (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Planeswalkers (Magic: The Gathering)