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The power to generate magnetic fields. Sub-power of Magnetism Manipulation. Variation of Energy Generation.

Also Called

  • Magnetic Field Generation


The user is able to generate magnetic fields.



Known Users

  • Polaris (Marvel)
  • Magneto (Marvel)
  • Xorn (Marvel)
  • Joseph (Marvel)
  • Cosmic Boy (DC)
  • Gahlok-Kal (Bionicle)
  • Metal mane (Mane-online)
  • Eustass Kid (One Piece)
  • Hamrio Musica (Rave Master)
  • Dr. Doom (Fantastic Four)
  • Bo LoFontaine (Heroes)
  • Solva (Needless)
  • Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary)
  • Third Kazekage (Naruto)
  • Rasa/Fourth Kazekage (Naruto)
  • Toroi (Naurto)
  • Jiga (Naruto)
  • Lodestar (Ben 10: Alien Force/Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  • Toki Fujiwara (Code: Breaker)
  • Nenene Fujiwara (Code: Breaker)
  • Tech E. Coyote (Loonatics Unleashed)
  • Mecha Knuckles (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Samantha Paine/Magness (A.T.O.M)

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