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The ability to utilize magnetism to launch metal projectiles. Technique of Magnetism Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Railgun Effect


The user can use the pressure of magnetic fields to propel metal as projectiles.


  • Defensively, repel all metallic projectiles that opponents launch back at them with equal or increased force.
  • Fire bullets and shells without the necessity of actual firearms and launching devices.
  • If electromagnetism is used, the projectile may also be charged with electricity for an additional explosive impact.
  • The user can use magnetism to gather scraps of metal and use the repellant force to fire it at incredible velocity.


  • Using magnets as conductive rails or coils to accelerate the metal projectile via electric currents and magnetism, effectively creating a Rail-gun or Coil-gun, respectively.
    • The rail-gun creates a very powerful bullet, as it generates high amounts of heat and tremendous velocity, which in turn can cause a very deadly impact.
    • The coil-gun does not have as much firepower as the rail-gun, but does not require conductive rails, which would be less time-consuming in between shots, allowing rapid fire.
  • Using the attraction of magnetism, attract one large bundle of scrap metal and slam it against one end of a connector, causing another bundle of scrap metal at the other end to fire off with tremendous velocity and force by using constraint to create acceleration between two objects, creating a Gauss Cannon.



  • Ammunition available is a very important factor to the technique.
  • At incredible heat, magnetism will be destroyed.
  • Large energy consumption may be required for firing.
  • Speed of projectile causes friction and heat, may cause projectile to melt.

Known Users


  • Mistborn (Mistborn)
  • Coinshots (Mistborn)



Video Games


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