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"The weird thing is, after [the Dragons] left, all the magic in the world just sort of went with them. I mean they say this world just have magic coming out the wazzu. Flying ships, singing forests, wishing stars, you name it. But when the dragons left it all just dried up."
― Sheila the Kangaroo, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

The power to generate magic. Sub-power of Magic. Opposite of Magic Destruction.

Also CalledEdit

  • Magic Emission


The user can generate magic, acting as a source for the archaic energy and can even empower other magic-users.



  • Could be involuntary.
  • While the user can emit magic, the user could still require training and education to use it themselves.
    • Because the user can emit magic, using the magic themselves could be overpowered and could make it harder to control.

Known UsersEdit

  • Dragons (Spyro the Dragon series)

Known ObjectsEdit

  • The All (Charmed comics)

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