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The power to enhance magical powers/abilities. Variation of Augmentation and Power Augmentation. Opposite to Magic Negation.

Also Called

  • Magic Enhancement/Amplification/Upgrading


The user can enhance powers, effects and objects that originate from magic, including magical objects/items, potions, spells, magical creatures, ley lines, etc.




  • Effects may be temporary.
  • Only works on abilities, effects, creation and creatures magical in origin.
  • May be difficult to activate.
  • May only work on spells/rituals/incantations, only on magic items, only on magical creatures, or anything of the like.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Wands of Watoomb (Marvel)
  • Demons Blood Talismans (Slayers)
  • Mages Cap/Minish Cap (The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap)
  • Protection Amulet (WITS Academy); combined with Deflection
  • Spell Amplifier (WITS Academy); boosts spells

Known Locations

  • Limbo (Charmed)

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