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The ability to generate a field of madness around the user. Sub-power of Madness Manipulation. Variation of Effect Field Projection and Aura Generation.

Also Called

  • Insanity Aura


Users carry an aura of madness and insanity, which allows them to drive others insane and create barriers of madness energy. Users may be able to gain power from peoples madness and expand their aura over a bigger area.




  • User may drive people insane if they stay too close to them for too long.
  • User may drive themselves insane.
  • May only be usable if the user is insane.

Known Users

  • Diinkarazan (AD&D)
  • Asura (Soul Eater)
  • Clowns (Soul Eater)
  • Madness Wavelength Users (Soul Eater)

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