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The power to use the abilities of machine lord. Superior version of Bionic Physiology and Artificial Intelligence Physiology. Variation of Mythic Lord Physiology.

Also Called

  • Artificial Intelligence King/Queen/Lord/Lordship/Lady/Master/Mistress
  • Cyber King/Queen/Lord/Lordship/Lady/Master/Mistress
  • Digital King/Queen/Lord/Lordship/Lady/Master/Mistress
  • King/Queen/Lord//Lady/Master/Mistress of Machines
  • Machine King/Queen/Lord/Lordship/Lady/Master/Mistress
  • Robotic King/Queen/Lord/Lordship/Lady/Master/Mistress


The user either is or can transform into a Machine Lord, entity that has complete mastery of, though not divine influence over, machines and/or artificial intelligences. This can result in shapeshifting, programming, and many other uses.





  • May not be immune to electromagnetic pulses.
  • A robotic lord may be overthrown by a sufficiently powerful artificial intelligence, or vice versa.
  • May be vulnerable to Crash! or Electronic Disruption.
  • Data Drain
  • Technology Stopping may make it temporarily inoperable if it is not immune.
  • May be vulnerable to pre-programmed self-annihilation codes.
  • May be overcome by someone with sufficient Mechanical Intuition.

Known Users


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