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The power to lack actual limbs and a neck.

Also Called

  • Floating Limbs
  • Limbless Body


The user lacks actual limbs/neck, and their hands, feet and head float near to the body as if they were connected to it. With floating hands, feet and a head, user doesn't have movement restrictions limbs and necks would give them and may have a longer reach, or be able to literally throw punches and kicks.



  • May be knocked apart.
  • May actually lose an arm, foot or head and may have to find it.

Known Users

See Also: Raymanian Limbs.

  • Johnny Mind (American Dad)
  • Jubei Jimushi (Basilisk)
  • Lodestar (Ben 10); neck only
  • Norstein Bekkler (Chrono Trigger)
  • Queen Zeal (Chrono Trigger); via battle form
  • Dynamite Headdy (Dynamite Headdy); neck only
  • Sukapon (Joy Mecha Fight)
  • Naga Sotuva (Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos)
  • Plok (Plok)
  • Rayman (Rayman)
  • Chris Evergreen (Yumekui Merry)

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