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The power to move lightly across surfaces. Sub-power of Weight Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Light Movement/Weight
  • Weight Negating Movement


The user is able to move very lightly, allowing them to move or stand on surfaces that would otherwise not support their weight, including liquids. They can climb on objects that would otherwise not support their weight, move on surfaces like mud, sand, dirt, etc. without leaving footprints and land softly from long falls.




  • Weight may not be ignored completely.
  • May be limited to certain types of surfaces.
  • Doing certain movements may affect the surface.
  • This power doesn't protect user from the damage done by the surfaces, such as lava or acid.

Known Users

  • Users of Body Equilibrium (AD&D)
  • Users of Tread Lightly (Changeling: The Lost)
  • Titans (Attack On Titan)

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