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The power to generate photons of light. Sub-power of Light Manipulation. Variation of Elemental Generation. Opposite to Shadow Generation.

Also Called

  • Brightness
  • Flash/Flashing
  • Illumination
  • Light Emission/Projection
  • Luminescence
  • Shine/Shining


User can generate light of various intensities.




  • May have limits of the radius, brightness and/or range.
  • May be overwhelmed by intense levels of darkness.
  • Light may be emitted from/in specific area/way (from eyes/certain area of skin, lightening the are, forming a spot of light, etc.)

Known Users

  • Alicanto (Chilean Mythology)
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Bleach)
  • Kiran/Solstice (DC comics)
  • Sookie (True Blood)
  • Fairies (True Blood)
  • Zach Braun (Sky High)
  • Howard Grigsby (Heroes)
  • Dee H (Heroes)
  • Sting Eucliffe (Fairy Tail)
  • Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail)
  • Loke (Fairy Tail)
  • Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail); via Morning Star Armor
  • Shelley Godfrey (Hemlock Grove)
  • Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10)
  • Verdona Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien)
  • Sunny Tennyson (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  • Crystalsapiens (Ben 10: Alien Force)
    • Chromastone
  • Atomix's Species (Ben 10: Omniverse)
    • Atomix
    • Atomic-X
  • Magic Users (Harry Potter); via "Lumos" spell
  • Pokémon with "Flash", or related moves (Pokémon)
  • Helios (God of War III)
  • Number Four/John Smith (Lorien Legacies)
  • Yin (Yin Yang Yo)
  • Joshua Kane alias Sanctuary (Rising Stars)
  • Cordelia Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel)
  • Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Kizaru/Borsalino (One Piece)
  • Franky (One Piece); via Franky Nipple Lights
  • Nuru (One Piece)
  • Shortfuse the Cybernik (Sonic the Comic)
  • Dr. Light (DC Comics)
  • Doctor Fate (DC Comics)
  • Green Lanterns (DC Comics)
  • Kars (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency); via Light Mode
  • Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)
  • BMO (Adventure Time)
  • Experiment 025 "Topper" (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Northstar (Marvel Comics)
  • Sentry (Marvel Comics)
  • Dagger (Marvel Comics)
  • Wiccan (Marvel Comics)
  • Magma (Marvel Comics)
  • Kain (Legacy of Kain)
  • Meggan (Marvel Comics)
  • Nova (Marvel Comics)
  • Human Torch (Marvel Comics)
  • Karolina Dean (Marvel Comics)
  • Amber Hunt (Marvel Comics)
  • Terra (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Xion (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)
  • The Glow (CardCaptor Sakura)
  • Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins)
  • King (Seven Deadly Sins); via Chastiefol Form Seven
  • Boba Fett (Star Wars)
  • Kratos (God of War)
  • Whitelighters and Elders (Charmed)
    • Leo Wyatt
  • Paige Matthews (Charmed)
  • Wyatt Halliwell (Charmed)
  • Chris Halliwell (Charmed)
  • Anna Williams (Tekken)
  • Toriko (Toriko); via corona sunflower
  • Gigan (Godzilla)
  • Stella (Winx Club)
  • Barb Thunderman (The Thundermans)
  • Jocelyn (The Thundermans)
  • Pinky and Bumby (Jibaku-kun: Twelve World Story )
  • Will Anton (The Seeker)
  • Luminax (Krsytala TV Series)
  • Luwalhati (Krsytala TV Series)
  • Plantern (Plants vs. Zombies)
  • Kylie Galen (Shadow Falls)
  • Chase (UN Comics)
  • Pharos Heracles (Yumekui Merry)
  • Shinies (Ghost Whisperer)
  • Avangions (Dark Sun)
  • Users of the Solar Flare technique (Dragon Ball)
  • Sam Temple (Gone)
  • Sigmund (Unbreakable Machine-Doll)
  • Phosphoro Slugs (Slugterra)
  • Joy (Inside Out)
  • Unicorns (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
  • Yvaine (Stardust)
  • Ruby Rose (RWBY)
  • Wuya (Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Gems (Steven Universe)
  • Glossaryck (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
  • Users of White Light (Supernatural)
  • Ika Musume/Squid Girl (Shinryaku! Ika Musume)
  • WX-78 (Don't Starve); after being struck by lightning
  • Various Ultramen & kaiju (Ultraman series)
  • Kylie Galen (Shadow Falls)
  • Pokemon who can learn "Dazzling Gleam" (Pokemon)

Known Objects

  • Extase (Akame ga Kill)
  • Trident (The Little Mermaid)