"We're twins. From the moment we were born, the time we started talking... the time we started school, the time we graduated... always together. Breakfast, dinner... vacation... always together. That's why... I had always assumed... that we'd die together as well."
― Kasumi (King of Thorn)

The ability to connect one's life to another person or object. Sub-power of Life-Force Manipulation. Not to be confused with Existence Link.

Also Called

  • Life Anchoring


User can connect their life-force with another being or object, or create a link between other beings. With the link, they are able to expand their individual powers and draw them together in union, allowing them to achieve untold power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings.

It also provides protective properties if one person is injured.






  • May require the presence of both beings for their powers to work.
  • If one individual or the source of the link dies, the link will kill the linked ones as well.
  • It may be possible to sever the link.

Known Users

See Also: Can't Live Without You.

  • Jack McCall (A Thousand Words)
  • Gods and Demons (Ah! My Goddess); via the Doublet System
  • Ruth (The Ancient Magus' Bride)
  • Shinichi Nagakawa and Yuuki Sanada (Half and Half)
  • Sajin Komamura and Kokujo Tengen Myo-o (Bleach)
  • King Piccolo/Piccolo and Kami (Dragon Ball)
  • Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Blaine and Mewtwo (Pokémon Adventures Manga)
  • The Tree of Life and the Sadida Class (Wakfu Animated Series)
    • Amalia Sheran Sharm; directly linked with the Tree of Life briefly
  • Mikaelson Family (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals); all vampires linked to their lives
    • Klaus Mikaelson; formerly
    • Rebekah Mikaelson
    • Finn Mikaelson
    • Mikael
    • Kol Mikaelson
    • Elijah Mikaelson
    • Esther Mikaelson; linked Elena Gilbert to Alaric Saltzman's
  • Witches (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals)
    • Aja; linked to 11 other witches via a spell
    • Bonnie Bennett; once linked to Katherine Pierce via a spell
    • Lucy; once linked Elena to Katherine via a spell
    • Gemini Coven; all members linked to their leader
  • Ingrid and Freya Beauchamp (Witches of East End); linked to each other
  • The Mandragora (Witches of East End); once via Symbiotic Connection to Ingrid Beauchamp
  • Terumi Yuuki to Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)
  • Bounded Ones (Chaos Dragon)
  • Vampire Queen (Charmed); linked to her minion vampires
  • Swarm King (Charmed); linked to his minions
  • Marybeth Louise Hutchinson (The Faculty); linked to her parasites
  • Laocorn Gaudeamus (Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture); linked to his sister Sulia
  • Jonathan Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments); once via Symbiotic Connection to Jace Lightwood
  • Jace Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments); once via Symbiotic Connection to Jonathan Morgenstern
  • Endarkened (The Mortal Instruments); linked to the Infernal Cup
  • Humans with daemons (The Dark Materials); their lives linked to each other
  • Axel Mortmain (The Infernal Devices); his life fueled the infernal army
  • Voldemort (Harry Potter); makes Horcruxes, which keep him alive whilst they are intact
    • Harry Potter; Voldermort's (unintentional) sixth Horcrux. As long as one lived, the other could not die
    • Nagini; Voldermort's seventh Horcrux
  • Glinda (Oz the Great and Powerful); linked to her wand
  • Jafar (Aladdin); linked to his lamp
  • Draco (Dragonheart); linked to King Einon
  • SCP-607 - Dorian the Grey Cat (SCP Foundation)
  • Julius (Sword of Mana)
  • David Nolan/Prince Charming (Once Upon a Time); surviving through half of Mary Margaret's heart
  • Pit and Dark Pit (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Pixel Beasts Rangers(Power Rangers Pixel Beasts); to their Power Animals
  • Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)