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The ability to bond with any person in trade for their energy, allowing them to use all other powers the user possess. Sub-power of Life-Force Manipulation

Also Called

  • Synchronization


User has the ability to bond their body with any other person, essentially turning into an exo-suit over them. If user bonds with anyone with powers of their own, their combined powers are multiplied.


  • Bond with anyone to heal.
  • Lend other powers to the host body.
  • abilities/powers are combined to greater whole.



  • Must be able to touch the target.
  • Cannot control whats going on while bonded, unless both parties are in danger.
  • Healing may take time.

Known Users

  • Orochimaru (Naruto); inside of Sasuke
  • Tailed Beasts (Naruto); sometimes unwillingly
  • Namekians (Dragon Ball)
  • Kamen Rider Double (Kamen Rider)
  • Mostly all Ultramen (Ultraman Series)