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The power to control lethal dosage of certain substance.

Also Called

  • Lethal Dosage
  • Overdose
  • Tolerance Manipulation


The user can control the lethality of a given substance or type of radiation. Because resistance varies from one individual to another, the 'lethal dose' represents a dose (usually recorded as dose per kilogram of subject body weight) at which a given percentage of subjects will die. The user has the ability to control this percentage to their liking, and even add one onto any substance that usually does not have a lethal dose limit.


  • Lower the lethal dose limit of an enemy's body on a vital element (oxygen, blood or water) to induce death, with extraction virtually impossible without dying.
  • Raise the lethal dose limit of oneself on normally lethal elements (poison, alcohol or radiation) to escape death.



  • If the target can extract the element from their body, they can lower the concentration until it goes below the lethal dosage.
  • If the targeted element changes in characteristics, then the user's increased tolerance and immunity will be annulled.

Known Users

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