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The power to create force-fields of kinetic energy. Combination of Kinetic Energy Manipulation and Force-Field Generation.

Also Called

  • Kinetic Force-Field Generation/Creation


The user can generate an invisible shield of kinetic energy; this shield will either absorb the kinetic energy, negates it, redirects it or redoubles the kinetic energy and sends it back to the foe.




  • Slower objects may be able to pierce through the shield.
  • Field may not activate if a person or object exerts little kinetic energy against it.
  • Offers little protection against weapons based on non-kinetic energy like thermal or electrical energy.

Known Users

  • D'Hoffryn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Raquel Ervin/Rocket (DC Comics/Young Justice)
  • Skids (Marvel)
  • Biotics (Mass Effect)