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The ability to have intuitive knowledge of how to kill any living being. Variation of Intuitive Aptitude.

Also Called

  • Death Formulation
  • Murder Intuition


The user has instant knowledge on how to kill any living being regardless of how powerful they are. This ability comes in great significance when dealing with seemingly unstoppable opponents and allows the user to end their lives with expedient efficiency.





  • May be addictive or compulsive to the user, causing them to constantly find opponents to use the ability against.
  • If the user's opponent isn't technically a living entity, the user's ability will be essentially useless.
  • How quick the user is able to kill their opponent using their innate information is relative depending on the user's mastery of the ability.
  • May be limited to certain type of beings.

Known Users

  • Yachiru Unohana (Bleach)
  • Devastation (DC Comics)
  • Elaine and Diana (Genocyber); as Genocyber
  • Utsuro (Gintama)
  • Kyoko (Is This A Zombie?)
  • Kei Munakata (Medaka Box)
  • Rose Tattoo (Wildstorm Comics)
  • The Killer (Wanted Comic)
  • Kaido (One Piece)
  • The Vinsmoke Family (One Piece)


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