Power to manipulate islands and everything in them. Variation of Environmental Manipulation.


User can create, shape and manipulate the islands and everything in it, including all the aspects of the environment, from the purely physical ones and also mythical/conceptual ones. Islands are defined as any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Very small islands such as emergent land features on atolls can be called islets, skerries, cays or keys. An island in a river or a lake island may be called an eyot or ait, or a holm. A grouping of geographically or geologically related islands is called an archipelago.




  • User may be unable creating islands, being limited to manipulating already existing ones.
  • Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user.

Known Users

  • Nesoi (Greek Mythology)
  • Poli'Ahu (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Te Fiti (Moana)