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The ability to inflict damage and destruction that cannot be repaired or healed from its destroyed state. Variation of Destruction.

Also Called

  • Irreversible Damage


The user can inflict damage and destruction that cannot be repaired or healed from it destroyed state. The pain/injuries do not recover from their degraded state and remain in complete decadence after the wounds are given. The degraded alterations a user makes towards their environment also does not recover nor can it be made towards a healed state after the damage is done.




  • Though the user can still deal out irreversible damage, they are still vulnerable to damage themselves.
  • If a victim is de-aged or their body reverted to a point where they didn't receive the injuries inflicted by the user, their damage will disappear due the attack having not occurred yet towards the victim's body.
  • The damage may be irreversible, but the degree is dependent on the user, so any weak attacks makes the ability useless.
  • If the user ends up dealing a powerful attack to themselves, they will never be able to heal the damage.
  • Absolute Restoration
  • Users of Omnilock are immune.
  • Event Negation might cause the attack to never have happened.

Known Users

Known Weapons

Known Powers

  • Mordenkainens Disjunction (Greyhawk)


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