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The power to become invisible when moving at incredible speed. Combination of Enhanced Speed and Invisibility.

Also Called

  • Faster Than The Eye


The user can move so fast that others can't see or follow their movements because they move faster than eye can follow.




Known Users

  • Kazuma Mikura (Air Gear)
  • White (Bleach)
  • Seta Soujiro (Rurouni Kenshin); via True Shukuchi
  • Speedsters (DC/The Flash)
    • Flash
    • Kid Flash
    • Reverse Flash
  • Quicksilver (Marvel)
  • Acnologia (Fairy Tail); in human form
  • Quicklings (Forgotten Realms)
  • Satellizer L. Bridget (Freezing); via Transcendent Accel
  • Saiga_Fūrinji (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi)
  • Users of Acceleration Magic (Mahou Sensou)
  • Dash (The Incredibles)
  • Jimmy Neutron (Adventures of Jimmy Neutron); once in "See Jimmy Run."
  • Hiruko (Naruto: Shippuden); via Shadowless Flight
  • Stephanie Powell (No Ordinary Family)
  • Daphne Millbrook (Heroes
  • Eli Aquino (Alphas)
  • Cyborg 009  (Cyborg 009)
  • Most Cyborgs (Cyborg 009)
  • Most Characters From the Dragon Ball franchise
  • Mint (Ranma 1/2)
  • AMOK (Real Adventures of Johnny Quest)
  • Seiten Taisei (Saiyuki)
  • Ryuho Tairen (S-CRY-ed); via Zetsuei Touryudan
  • Hiro (Soul Eater); via Wings Of Light
  • Wendigo (Supernatural)
  • Wolfgang Schreiber (Dies Irae)
  • Reinhard Heydrich (Dies Irae)
  • J (Sakigake Otokojuku)
  • Date Omito (Sakigake Otokojuku)
  • Shadow Guardians (Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life)
  • Bebes (Kim Possible)
  • Kim Possible (Kim Possible); via super-speed shoes
  • Rufus (Kim Possible); via super-speed shoes
  • Vampires (Being Human)
  • Monkey King Bambina (Toriko)