The ability to invert all things.

Also Called

  • Inverse Inducement
  • Meta Flipping
  • Meta Power Reversal
  • Omni-Inversion


The user is able to invert anything, flipping its state to its opposite, or reversing it. This can be anything physical, spiritual, mental, existential, conceptual, metaphysical, axiomatic, and so on.

As examples, the user could invert directions, the order of a hierarchy, the pull of gravity, the flow of electricity or a fluid, logic; such as turning 1 into -1, or even negate axioms by inverting that which is self-evidently true into disproving itself. Inversion can also take the form of the mathematical inversion, 1/x, allowing the user decrease and increase any quantity or value by taking the inverse of it.




  • Maybe be limited to inverting specific things.
  • May be unable to invert the same thing twice.
  • Users of Status Lock may be immune.

Known Users

  • Shiria Ootsuka (Maken-ki!)
  • Seija Kijin (Touhou Project)