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The power to copy the powers of others and intuitively know how to use them. Combination of Intuitive Aptitude and Power Replication.

Also Called

  • Intuitive Power/Ability Replication/Duplication


The user can replicate the powers of others and immediately know how to use them, allowing them to have much more control over the copied power than the original user. It is also possible that the user will also be stronger than the original user, being able to do things with the power that the original holder couldn't.

An example of this would be: If the user copied Electricity Manipulation, the user would understand electricity's connection to magnetism, allowing the user to gain the full power of Electromagnetism Manipulation.




Known Users

  • Sylar (Heroes)
  • Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)
  • Raoh (Fist of the North Star)
  • Toki (Fist of the North Star)
  • Ranma Saotome (Ranma 1/2)
  • Mei Mei (Valkyrie Crusade)


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