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The ability to transfer the intellectual capabilities of one being to another.

Also Called

  • Intelligence Transfer
  • IQ Shift


User can transfer the intellectual capabilities and quantity of one being to another, granting knowledge and cognitive skill to whoever they wish. They are able to transfer the intellectual abilities of another to themselves to grant themselves new intellectual prowess.




  • Limited by the source of the intellect: user can't give more knowledge/intelligence/experience than the being they transfer it from has.
  • User risk exposing themselves to a decreased intellect if they happen to transfer the intelligence of a non-sapient being to themselves.
  • User risk causing psychological issues to themselves they transfer an intellect that is too vast for their current mind to comprehend to themselves.
  • May be limited to transferring the intellect of singular beings at a time.

Known Users

  • Cerebral Vortex (Ben 10)
  • Father Box (DC Comics)

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