"I believe firmly in the efficacy of religion, in its powerful influence on a person's whole life. It helps immeasurably to meet the storms and stress of life and keep you attuned to the Divine inspiration. Without inspiration, we would perish."
― Walt Disney

The power to inspire other people. Sub-power of Inspiration Manipulation. Variation of Mental Inducement. Opposite to Inspiration Negation.

Also Called

  • Creativity Inducement
  • Inspiration Granting
  • Empathic Inspiration
  • Inspire Creativity
  • Muse's Touch


The user can inspire people and help develop ideas that they would not otherwise had, or simply make inspiration easier to spare their efforts to find their own inspiration.



  • User can only inspire but not interfering in the minds of others.
  • Users of Psychic Shield are either immune or highly resistant.

Know Users


  • Muses (Greek Mythology)


  • Serendipity (Dogma)
  • Azrael (Dogma); formerly

TV Series

  • Muses (Charmed)
    • Melody

Comic Books

  • Dream of the Endless (DC Comics/Vertigo Comics)
  • Despair of the Endless (DC Comics/Vertigo Comics)
  • Calliope (DC Comics/Vertigo Comics)

Known Objects

  • Ring of Inspiration (Charmed)