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The ability to have no inertia. Sub-Power of Inertia Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Inertialless State
  • Inertiallessness


The user has little or no inertia which allows for a variety of feats, they have incredible ability to maneuver, accelerate instantly, cannot be moved by outside forces unless constant force is applied and are semi-invulnerable, since attacks will stop as soon as they touch the user unless constant force is applied.




  • Does not grant faster speed; only faster acceleration and turning.
  • May need to apply constant force to their movements and attacks to move and damage, and it might take a lot of energy if so.
  • Users can still be moved, and can be very light.

Known Users

  • Muneshige Tachibana (Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere)

Known Objects

  • Inertialess Drive Ships (Transcendence)

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