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Power to manipulate matter resistance to a change in motion or rest. Sub power of Kinetic Energy Manipulation and Friction Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Inertia Control


The user can manipulate inertia, the amount of resistance matter has to a change in motion or rest, increasing, decreasing and/or maintaining it. They can increase object’s inertia, to make an immobile object immovable, or to make a mobile object unstoppable. They can also reduce an object’s inertia, making an object easier to accelerate, decelerate or change direction.



  • Inertia Shifting: The ability to only manipulate one's own inertia.
  • Selective Inertia - The ability to have low and high inertia simultaneously.



  • Some users cannot manipulate their own inertia.
  • Some users can only manipulate their own inertia.
  • Some users can only manipulate inertia one way or the other (to resist motion, or resist rest).
  • If the user has no control over the ability, the following can happen:
    • User may cause the opposite inertial change than desired (increasing or decreasing inertia, when one intends to do the opposite).
    • Inertia may change too much (which can damage the object whose inertia is being altered).
  • Users may have more difficulty manipulating the inertia of larger objects.
  • Objects with inertia that is too small may be hard to keep in motion, and may require constant force.
  • Objects with inertia that is too big may be hard to move or stop without the proper strength.

Known Users