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"I cannot be marked or damaged in any way. It is impossible to cut or remove even a single hair from my head. Except for my own body, there is no material in existence that I cannot bend, or break, or manipulate like wet clay."
― Jones (Gunnerkrigg Court)

The power to be immune to being divided.

Also Called

  • Atomicity
  • Division/Fission/Separation/Splitting Immunity


User is immune to being divided, they cannot lose limbs, be vaporized and are not susceptible to joint conditions, as their joints are made to keep the body together.


  • Cannot be cut apart or torn apart, etc.
  • Cannot be split into different beings.
  • Cannot be separated into parts.
  • Cannot be vaporized.



  • Can still suffer damage through stabbing, shooting, energy-based attacks,
  • May be weak against Essence Dispersal.

Known Users

  • Jones/Wandering Eye (Gunnerkrigg Court)

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