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The ability to create and induce implosions. Opposite of Explosion Inducement.

Also Called

  • Implosion Induction
  • Induced Implosion


The user can create implosions to any scale, causing an object to collapse into itself and into a singularity, until it reaches critical mass and releases an explosion, destroying everything in the vicinity.


  • Absorption: The user can absorb anything within a certain area to cause an implosion at a fast rate causing destruction.
    • Air Absorption: Absorption of air can cause an implosion in the air to cause change in the air pressure.
    • Matter Absorption: The destruction of matter in an area can cause a void of nothingness which the universe must fill by shrinking it down within the diameter in which the matter was absorbed.
  • Compression: The Implosion can cause matter to be compressed in on itself and thus possess more mass despite it's appearances.
  • Dimensional Manipulation: The user can cause anything within a certain dimension to disappear very violently.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Utilize gravity fields to compress objects until they reach critical mass and implode.
    • Black Hole Creation: The black hole is the center of gravity which causes massive implosions.
  • Spatial Manipulation: The collapse of space causes all matter to fall into an hypocenter and be crushed.

Known Users

Known Weapons


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