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The power to be impossible to be moved by an external physical force. Not to be confused with Paralysis Inducement. Opposite to Juggernaut Momentum.

Also Called

  • Anchoring
  • Immovability
  • Personal Gravity Increase
  • Quantum Locking
  • Quantum Trapping
  • The Immovable Object


The user can never be moved by an external physical force, but may freely position themselves.



  • Ingrain: the power to become fixed onto any surface by various means.



  • May have the ground ripped out from under them, even though they were not moved.
  • May not prevent users of Absolute Strength from moving users.
  • May be beaten by an unstoppable force.

Known Users

  • Blob (Marvel)
  • Jesse Kilmartin (Mutant X)
  • Pokemon capable of learning Ingrain (Pokemon)
  • Statue Mario/Luigi (Super Mario)
  • Stonewall (Marvel)

Known Powers

  • Immovability (Dungeons and Dragons)


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